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At American Vendu Education Agency, we understand that our success is connected to the success of our students.

Our Minimum Education Requirement to get funding is an Associates Degree (or two years of Post Secondary School).

We fund completion of Bachelors Degrees, MASTERS Degrees and Professional Degrees up to 2 years.

To include Tuition; Books; Accommodations and General LIving Expenses so OUR STUDENTS can focus on their STUDIES.

We are proud of our unique, individualistic approach, and are committed to providing our students with the best possible opportunities in STEM:

 SCIENCE; TECHNOLOGY; ENGINEERING & MATH with specialized interest to IT and Professional Degree programs in the USA.

Trending at IT Degrees in Business Analytics; AI (Artificial Intelligence); ML (Machine Learning); Data Analytics and Robotics Engineering.

We have a 6 Step simple process to fulfil your Education American Dream.

Our strength is in our Funding partners MPOWER Financials, in providing Unsecured (No Co-Signer/Non- Collateral) Education Loans to our Students to cover Tuition; Accommodation & Living Expenses during the course of studies.

We also provide the Proof of Funds, after admission to specialized degree program, needed to secure your STUDENT VISA at the US Embassy.

 We have a dedicated team in America to help facilitate your Airline Ticket; Airport Pick-Up and Accommodation; aswell as Health Insurance requirements upon arrival.

We also provide information on acquiring phone and internet services, bank acount opening and other financial products like Credit Cards and Line Of Credits for both Personal (Small Businesses) to help expedite  your transition into a sound financial standing in America. 

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Our 6 steps award winning Services

Application & Approval

Step 1:

Submit your Application & get Approved. Complete our simple application process through this website and get approved within 48 hours.

Enroll & Pay Application Fee

Step 2:

Make your Contribution & get Onboard. Make your initial enrollment payment contribution securely online.

Our team will get you onboard into the program within 48 hours.

Admission Process

Step 3:

Acquire School Admission Get accepted to up to 3 schools and master’s programs of your choice.

Our team of experts will guide you through the process.

Unsecured Loan

Step 4:

Acquire Relocation, Tuition & Living Expenses Funding.

Acquire funding from our official lending partners for your Education Financing.
Including Proof of Funds for VISA acquisition.

Funds are paid directly to the University our student is admitted to attend.


Step 5:

Acquire Student Visa. We provide coahing and financial documents (Proof of Funding from our lending partners) for your Visa Interview.

 At the US Embassy or Consulate.

Relocate to the US

Step 6:

Relocate to USA or Canada. We help facilitate your smooth relocation to the US.

We also assist with Airline ticket, Accommodation, Health Insurance and Banking institutions information.

We understand that diverse individuals require diverse outcomes, therefore we carefully customise each study pathway. By tailoring our services, we create the best templates for success.

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 USA Addresses: 8515 Sandpiper Ridge Ave, Tampa, Florida 33647